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How Paramount Digital Agency can help

How Paramount Digital Agency can transform your business

Don’t have an online presence? Here’s why you should.

Did you know that 36% of all North American businesses do not have a website? Even more intriguing is that 35% of all small businesses think their operations are too small to warrant a website.

But all of that doesn’t matter because an astounding 97% of consumers look up a business’s website before visiting them in person.

This year, despite what is currently happening globally, 2 billion people ordered goods and services online.

It’s abundantly clear that having a meaningful digital presence is critical to staying afloat, especially in these difficult times.

But “digital agency” and “digital marketing” are incredibly vague terms. What does a digital agency actually do? How exactly can digital marketing increase your sales and reach new customers?

This article will demystify exactly what digital marketing is and why you should care.

What does a digital agency do for you?

There are many services from search engine optimization, keyword research, and content creation, but it really begins with emphatically connecting with your customers.

We’ll understand how to grow your business sales by understanding your customers and their challenges. We begin with creating content that is specifically tailored towards them. There is a common saying in advertising that goes, “If you target everyone, you target no one.

This adage rings true, especially when dealing with digital spaces. Google receives over 86,000 searches per second. Right now, there are billions of people clicking away at their devices, surfing all corners of the internet at lightning pace.

They’re of all ages, races, countries, and creeds. With the average attention span of the average internet user being only 7 seconds long and decreasing by the year, digital marketing has the unenviable task of making people care.

Here’s how we cut through the static and turn heads.


One of the best marketing weapons is placing the right content in front of the right user at the right moment. And a user needs a face. Here comes the persona — a living, breathing vignette representing someone from your target audience with details like age, education, hobbies, tech-savvy level, and more.

By emphatically connecting with your customers and understanding their motivations and frustrations, we can better formulate ways of engaging them on deeper, more meaningful levels of trust and positivity

User Journeys

A user journey shows what the user goes through from an initial motivation to a final purchase with critical behavioral checkpoints mapped out.

To strategize the best digital marketing approach, you need proper research to back it up. We analyze what is going through a user’s mind before buying a certain product or trying out a specific service. Are they most concerned about price? Do they want quality or convenience? What makes them buy later instead of right now?

To better understand your customers, you must know their motivations and pain points and harness that knowledge to make substantial improvements.

How does a digital agency attract new customers?

Interest always starts with awareness. It could be a new announcement for Specialty Grade 1 coffee or limited-time special offers on yoga bodysuits, or even a new Lebanese shawarma restaurant opening downtown.

Now that we know the message, we need to craft the right voice to deliver it.

Creating your brand identity

Is your brand funny or serious? Laidback or authoritative? Better yet, if your brand was a person, what clothes would they be wearing? What music would they be listening to? How does your brand carry itself?

Always remember, the customer’s perception of your brand is your reality

Talk about benefits

It’s one thing to rattle off all of the great features that your product or service does, but we can do better. We can get users lost in a daydream. Let’s say I’m trying to sell you a big-screen television. I start by describing the dazzling 62-inch screen and the billions of colours you’ll be able to see and experience.

But what if I said this flat-screen T.V would be perfect for hosting this year’s Super Bowl watch party where all of your friends from the neighbourhood could come over and enjoy the game. It’s about painting a vivid picture.

Creating content & promoting your business

We take your core message and create resonant content like engaging social media posts, SEO-driven content articles, Youtube bumper ads, and whatever else is relevant. Then, we blast major social media platforms using individual targeting techniques to connect with leads with the highest chance of converting. This includes Facebook campaigns for likes and follows, Instagram ads, Google display ads, and more.

How does a digital agency help you generate more sales?

The key to making more sales isn’t one singular method but an array of direct and indirect approaches. The most effective ways include

  • Designing a mobile-first approach

  • Competitive pricing based on market research

  • Sharing positive customer reviews for social proof

  • Using different revenue channels

  • Ensure customer satisfaction for repeat business

  • Remarketing

  • Building an easy and user-friendly checkout (for e-commerce)

How does a digital agency save you money?

Nearly all 67% of North American businesses report a lack of cash flow as a major problem. An investment in a digital agency will save you money in the long run. Here’s why:

Your website is always open.

An e-commerce website that never closes is great for business. Just ensure that there are no snags along the way to checkout. Make it intuitive and as simple as possible.

Optimized CPC advertising

Every potential lead has a price. Observe the marketing funnel where customers begin at the top with a recognition of a problem or need that your business can solve. That inkling of interest grows into the consumer doing research and looking at alternative options.

After bouncing back and forth between scenarios, consumers eventually make their purchasing decision.

But with so many chances for the consumer to fall out of the funnel, the price of a lead can be too expensive to be seen as cost-effective.

The good news is that today, digital CPC or cost per click ads are powerfully economical and effective ways of generating high-quality leads.

Sophisticated targeting tools like Facebook’s lookalike audience employs artificial intelligence to locate consumers who share common behavioural traits, spending habits, and even ideals and beliefs. This is the concept of tribalism, the thought that groups of people are fiercely united more than ever by their belief systems. We’ll use this insight to find your audience faster.

Clear ROI and KPIs

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. We’ll put a plan in place for you with reasonable benchmarks, so you’ll visually see how your progress stacks up against the minimal costs.

The Final Word

The truth is businesses today can’t survive if they don’t keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape..

So, create a major buzz about your business! Let customers know who you are and how to find you. It’s time to maximize your digital potential.

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