LinkedIn Ads Management Agency Toronto

We can help you reach the people who drive real business decisions.  

LinkedIn Ad Support

We can help you target your ideal audience using powerful search criteria .

Valuable Lead Generation

Transform leads into sales with smart CRM tools.

How Do LinkedIn Ads Work?

LinkedIn sponsored ads

Sponsored Content

Build brand awareness and spark new relationships with highly visible LinkedIn sponsored content featured on desktop and mobile newsfeeds.

Sponsored InMail

Deliver clear, professional, and relevant messages right to your audience in real-time. Monitor how many leads and sign-ups from your InMail campaigns. 

LinkedIn Video ads

Video Ads

Fluid storytelling helps promote your main business message to your targeted audience and humanizes your brand.

LinkedIn Video ads

Text Ads

Easy to make and cost-effective, LinkedIn text ads can be deployed in front of a high-quality audience in just minutes.


Dynamic Ads

LinkedIn Dynamic ads make use of certain elements of a user’s profile data to create effective personalized ads that immediately capture their attention.

Display Ads

Using professional targeting options, display ads reach high-quality audiences by showing up on premium ad spaces on Linkedin. 


Carousel Ads

Mainly used for special offers, services or products – Carousel ads are a swipeable sequence of cards intended to collect leads and direct traffic. 

Employee Sponsored Content

Similar to sponsored content, LinkedIn employee sponsored content can be highly effective since they rely on employee credibility or testimonials. 

LinkedIn Advertising Solutions

Audience Research for LinkedIn advertising

Audience Research

The first step begins with understanding who your audience is by examining attitudes, behaviors, and interests. 

Tailored Content

Our copywriting and graphic design team will create unique content that is completely distinctive to your brand.

Continuous Oversight

After launching, your ad campaign will be closely tracked by our digital manager and may be adjusted to maximize your results. 

Detailed reporting and analytics

Detailed Reporting

When your campaign has ended, our detailed reporting will break down important analytics like reach and leads generated to improve future campaigns. 

What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

Choose quality over quantity.

It’s true that popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have more users, but LinkedIn carries a much higher-quality audience when it comes to connecting with professionals.

 As the largest business network with more than 700 million professional users and 30 million companies, the opportunity speaks for itself. 

Discover how LinkedIn digital advertising can drive results. 

LinkedIn Advertising FAQs

How much does LinkedIn Advertising cost?

Many factors from target audience, ad relevance score, and competitive bidding can affect price. But LinkedIn does ask you to bid a minimum of $2 for CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-impressions) campaigns.

Typical businesses may pay an average of $5.26 per click and $6.59 for every thousand impressions. Pricing for Sponsored InMail campaigns can be as little as $0.80 per send. 

Why do I need LinkedIn Advertising management?

Our digital experience with creative copy and engaging ads can help you save time and money. Avoid the trial and error phase and start collecting high-quality leads right away.

What businesses should use LinkedIn Advertising?

Any business from small and local to global and multinational can benefit from LinkedIn advertising. If you want to connect with senior professionals who make key business decisions then LinkedIn is by far your best channel.  

Is advertising on LinkedIn effective?

The LinkedIn audience is significantly higher-quality than other channels since LinkedIn is the leading platform for professionals seeking to connect with other professionals.