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Discover the true business value of bing ads 

Unlock the Potential of Bing Advertising

We know what you’re thinking. With Google around, why even bother with Bing and Microsoft advertising?

The facts tell the real story.

Over 137 million people are exclusively using Bing to do their online searching – with a staggering 11 billion monthly searches performed each month. Microsoft advertising accounts for more than 30% of all total search engine share. Microsoft Bing users also spend 36% more money online than the average internet user. 

Bing is a part of Microsoft’s powerful advertising platform which uses YahooAOL, MSN and other partners to reach audiences that Google AdWords can’t.

Discover how Microsoft advertising can boost your e-commerce sales.

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What You Get

As strategic specialists with Microsoft advertising (Bing, Yahoo, AOL), we’ll help you reach millions of users who aren’t using Google.

Understanding Customer Experiences

Using  research insights to match consumer needs with your business objectives. 

Competitor Analysis

Take advantage of your competition’s blind spots to make your own business advertising stand out.

Account Set-up with Microsoft Advertising

We’ll do everything from initial onboarding, account set-up, keyword targeting, and more!  

Bid Campaigns

We’ll choose the best bid strategy that best fits your budget with efficient distribution.

Ad copy strategy

Nothing is more effective than hearing the right words at the right time. We craft copy that solves your user’s problem.


Testing leads to lessons in understanding. We’ll experiment with ad variations to generate more conversions.

Ad Optimization

Customer behaviors and trends are everchanging. It’s crucial to understand why and how to adjust ads for maximum performance.

1-on-1 Consulting

Our Microsoft advertising specialists are happy to share our industry knowledge to help you achieve successful results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft Advertising Worth it?

Yes. With 11 billion monthly searches worldwide and counting, Microsoft Advertising offers you a powerful, new and alternative way to reach millions of users that Google can’t. 

Who is Microsoft Advertising's audience?

The Microsoft Audience Network skews older than Google’s audience. With an older audience comes more buying power and increased interest in ads geared towards e-commerce. Microsoft users spend 36% more money online than other internet users.

Is Microsoft Advertising cheaper than Google Adwords?

Yes. On average, Microsoft Advertising cost-per-click is significantly less than Google Adwords – as much as less than half of what it costs to advertise on Google Adwords.

Does Microsoft Advertising have a higher CTR or click-through-rate than Google Adwords?

Yes, Microsoft Advertising’s CTR can be as much as 50% higher than the click-through-rates on Google Ads. 

Microsoft Ads Account

    • Signing up for your Microsoft ad account
    • Import your Google Ads details like bids, budgets, landing page URLs, ad extensions
    • Registering company details
    • Use Bing Ads Keyword Planner for keyword research

    Microsoft Ads Campaign


    • Creating your campaign
    • Setting your general and specific keywords

    • Writing your ad copy

    • Setting your bid strategy

    • Launching your ad campaign

    Microsoft Ads optimisation

    • Improve PPC campaigns with keyword research
    • Fine-tune with negative keywords and ad groups segments
    • Use audience targeting and dynamic search ads
    • Microsoft Audience Network
    • Edit ad copy 

    Microsoft Product Advertising


    • Claiming your domain
    • Creating your store
    • Uploading your catalog
    • Creating and launching your shopping campaign