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Assessing your PPC campaign

Step 1

We’ll assess your campaigns for geo-targeting, device targeting, bid strategy, current budget and handle ad delivery. 

Keyword research

Step 2

Next comes keyword analysis and ad intent. Use target keywords with user search intent, we’ll craft effective ads that convert. 

Step 3

Testing is a key aspect of running a successful campaign. Rigorous A/B testing will reveal the winning ad variation, copy and CTAs that work. 

Monitor for PPC improvements

Step 4

Launch and monitor for improvements. Detailed reporting will indicate areas of opportunity to drive more leads to your website.

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Claim your free PPC audit from us.

PPC Auditing isn’t an optional – it’s a necessity. 

If you’re starting out with a new PPC ad campaign or unhappy with your current one – consult with us for actionable solutions.

Don’t waste precious ad dollars on trial and error. 

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Our comprehensive PPC audits will ensure that your strategies from keyword research, ad development, and bid strategies are working to their full potential.  


PPC Audit FAQs

What is a PPC audit?

A pay per click (PPC) audit uncovers problems with your PPC ad campaign such as ineffective keywords, misplaced ad budgeting, poor ad copy, mismatched landing pages, and ad viewability.    

What does a free PPC audit include?

We’ll evaluate your PPC account, especially your ad groups. In a.dition, we’ll assess your current bid strategy, targeted keywords and the actual ads themselves to locate areas of improvement.

Is CPC the same as PPC?

CPC or cost per click lets you know how well your PPC is doing. CPC is a metric for success and effectiveness whereas PPC is the cost of a campaign.  

How can I learn PPC?

Start with understanding from the biggest PPC market – Google Adwords. Understand different campaign types, display locations, keywords, search intent, and of course, your budget for bidding.

How much do PPC audits cost?

Our broad PPC audit is free. But for a more comprehensive deep dive into your PPC campaigns, please contact us for a quote.

Do I need professional PPC management?

All businesses no matter how big or small need help in ensuring peak performance of their PPC campaigns.